Statement regarding an alleged hotel quarantine breach

Statement regarding an alleged hotel quarantine breach

14 January 2021

A Queensland Health spokesperson has released the following statement  

“Queensland Health is aware of an article regarding an alleged COVID-19 quarantine breach.

We are concerned some early reporting has misrepresented this situation and it’s important people understand the facts.

In circumstances where a person accompanies a relative to hospital for medical treatment, full PPE and safety guidelines are followed. This occurs even if a patient is being transported for non-COVID related medical issues.

Quarantine guests are transported to and from the hospital by Queensland Ambulance Service, who have been safely transporting hotel quarantine guests for almost a year.

All protocols were followed in this case. Guests were transported from and returned to the hotel by Qld Ambulance Service while in appropriate PPE. The suggestion the person caught a ride-share back to the hotel is untrue. Full and proper COVID-19 PPE protocols were followed while these guests were in the hospital.

We have successfully managed the quarantine of over 100,000 people in Queensland, and have not had a single case because of the movement of these people.“