Grey Fantail

Grey Fantail

Bird life With Tony Wellington

No one can have walked the forest paths of Noosa without coming across a Grey Fantail. These plucky little birds are adapted to a wide range of habitats.


Extremely busy birds, Grey Fantails are constantly twitching and moving, including fanning their tail feathers. Scientists have discovered that these sets of quirky movements are specific to individual regions, so not all Grey Fantails go through the exact same dance moves. They are also very vocal, with a range of calls, including scratchy sounds plus a beautiful ascending scale that finishes in high, silvery notes which test my old ears.


Grey Fantails are also extremely curious animals. They will fly down to any passing bushwalker for a close inspection before heading off to continue their constant quest for insects. Presumably it takes a lot of fuel to keep these little bodies perpetually moving.


Grey Fantails build exquisite nests, in the shape of a wineglass without a base, bound together with copious amounts of spider web.

Tony has worked as a filmmaker, artist, author, photographer and media lecturer. He has also been a Councillor on both the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Councils, as well as Mayor of Noosa.