Red-browed Finch

Red-browed Finch

Bird life with Tony Wellimgton

These plucky little birds gather in small flocks of around ten or twelve. They are readily spotted because they feed low to the ground, often on pathways, under bushes or amongst long grasses. Bush walkers will be familiar with seeing flocks of Red-browed Finches burst from nearby bushes.


Where they live near human habitation, these charming little birds can become reasonably tame. The nest is a messy cylindrical affair constructed of twigs and grass stems.


They are also known as Red-browed Firetails. There are a range of native finches with red rumps that are also known as Firetails.


Like our local Double-barred Finches, Red-browed Finches engage in “stem display” during courtship, where a male will wave a grass stem or flower to entice its mate. So it’s not just lumbering hominids that proffer flowers during courtship.

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